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Awarded National Award
Best Umrah Tour 2018-19

Awarded National Award
Best Umrah Tour 2015-16

Awarded State Award (Maharashtra)
Best Umrah Tour 2014-15

Awarded State Award (Delhi)
Best Umrah Tour 2016-17

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Rahat AGM
4th Annual General Meeting held in
New Delhi, Islamic Culture Center
on 30th Sept 2019.

Rahat AGM
3rd Annual General Meeting held in
The Lalit Delhi on 29th July 2017.

Rahat AGM

2nd Annual General Meeting held in
Jaipur on 22nd August 2015.

Rahat AGM
1st Annual General Meeting held in
Delhi on 06th Sept 2014.

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"Rahat Travels Of India" is a National Award Winner for Best Umrah Tour 2018-19 (Awarded by CEO, Hajj Committee Of India, Dr. Maqsood Ahmed Khan), 2015-2016 (Awarded by Minority Affairs Minister Mr . Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi) also State Award Winner for Best Umrah Tour (Maharashtra State) 2014-15 (Awarded by Counsalate General of Afghanistan) also State Award Winner for Best Umrah Tour (Delhi State) 2016-17 (Awarded by Minority Affairs Minister Mr . Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi). Rahat Travels Of India is a Active Member of All India Hajj Umrah Tour Operators Association (Delhi) , Also a member of All India Hajj and Umrah Tours Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai), International Air Transport Association (IATA), Hajj Pilgrims Association of India (HPAI) and Chamber Of Commerce (COC).

Rahat Travels Of India is an Authorised Private Tour Operator (PTO) approved by Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Hajj & Muttawiffy Hujjaj South Asia Est.(For Certificates click here ) Ours is a professionally managed organization engaged in providing Hajj & Umrah Services to clients from all over India. We are India’s leading Government Recognized Consultants with PAN India presence with a wide network of more than Five Hundred (500) Travel partners all over India. (Click here for Latest AGM Pics)

Rahat Travels Of India is a Official Indian Partner of Al Yamama Umrah services and Al Fauzaan Umrah Services providing Umrah, Visit and Business Visas for Saudi Arabia. Also we are Official Trade Partners of Saudi Airlines, Gulf Airlines, Kuwait Airlines, (Indo Saudi and Indo Arab) and Air Arabia. Our Direct Collaboration with the Finest Airlines and Finest Umrah Service Providers gives us edge over our competitors as we can provide Unlimited and Quick service for Umrah Visas and Fly from more than 10+ cities of India & Catering Guests from 40 Cities of India for Umrah and Hajj.

At Rahat Travels Of India, we believe our role in your life goes far beyond being just another Travel Company. It is with this belief that we introduce new innovations and breakthroughs that are benchmarks for others in the category.

We take every measure to ensure your journey is as safe and comfortable as possible. Special arrangements include Best of Hotels, Transportation, Meals & Other Complimentary Services. Hajj and Umrah Travel for us is a noble service in which we aim to offer the best possible advice and assistance, making us unique from other tour operators.

In such a short span of time, Rahat Travels Of India has gained a reputation for excellent customer service, combining professionalism with firm adherence to the Qur'an and Sunnah. This has resulted in positive comments from customers who travelled with us on our Umrah packages. Most of the comments focus on the "Mind-Blowing Experience" with fellow brothers and sisters, our patience and organisation.

For the experience of a lifetime, do not hesitate to browse our website. We hope to hear from you very soon.

"Style, Class, Grace, Elegance and Charm of the Holy Journey through Rahat Travels
makes that sacred experience all that much better"

 Memberships & Accreditations...

Accredited Member of International Air Transport Association. (IATA)
International Air Transport is one of the most dynamic and fastest-changing industries in the world. It needs a responsive, forward-looking and universal trade association, operating at the highest professional standards. IATA is that association. Airlines knit their individual networks into a world-wide system through IATA, despite differences in language, currencies, laws and national customs.

What does this mean for you? You can be rest assured that when dealing with RAHAT TRAVELS OF INDIA, you can be confident that you will be receiving Quality Advice and Service from a reputable company with the backing of National and International branding.

We take our Reputation very seriously, so if you're looking for a seriously good Umrah Tour, contact us today!

 Rahat  Network...

With a network of around 150+ Offices in India and 2100 Travel Partners all around the globe Rahat Travels has the widest network for any Umrah Company in India. We are contracted to the topmost Umrah companies in Saudi Arabia namely Deaafa, Makarim, Yamama, Shagadif. and have the widest range of Hotels & Transportation. Our Staff are stationed in Jeddah, Makkah, Madina to provide you with 24 Hour Support whenever required.


We are committed to offering superb quality at unbeatable prices. Rahat Travels Of India believes in making your pilgrimage as rewarding and as comfortable as possible. Our duty is to give the guests of AL-RAHMAN guaranteed peace of mind to allow them to perform Umrah & Hajj with minimum difficulties.

We offer best prices ranging from Budget, Economy to Prestige & Luxury levels.

By selecting the Best Facilities:- Hotels and Transportation, we aim to make this memorable occasion as beneficial as possible, giving you the opportunity to utilise your time in prayer and practices in accordance to the Sunnah of the Prophet (Sallahu Aleh Wasslam). Whilst the convenience is maximised, we do not miss out on the spiritual aspects of the journey.
More then Two Dozen Reasons why should you select Rahat Travels Of India for the Holy Journey...

1. Recognized by Ministry of Hajj Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
2. Accredited Member of International Air Transport Association. (IATA Approved)
3. Official Umrah Partner of DEAFA UMRAH CO. (Number One Hotels & Umrah Visa Company for South Asia).
4. Official Umrah Visa Licensee & Partner of MAKARIM (OJOUR) UMRAH CO. (Saudi Arabaia).
5. National Award Winner "For Best Umrah Tour - 2018/19 & 2015/16"
6. Award Winning Umrah Company " State Award for Best Umrah Tour - 2014/15 - Maharashtra" & " State Award     for Best Umrah Tour - 2016/17 - Delhi"
7. Authorised Member "Hajj Pilgrims Association Of India" (Fights for causes of Hajj & Umrah Pilgrims)
8. "RAHAT Travels Of India" is an approved Registered Trademark BRAND by Government Of India.
9.  Head Office in Mumbai and Branch Offices in Delhi, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Moradabad, Bareilly.
10.  More than 2100+ Booking Centers all Over India. Biggest Network for Any Umrah Company in INDIA.
11. Registered with Goods and Service Tax Of India.
12. Authorised Airline Travel Partner of SAUDI AIRLINES & AIR ARABIA.
13. Flights for Umrah from 16 Cities of India. Direct Flights from 6 Cities Of India.

14. Experienced Permanent Staff in Makkah & Madina on our payroll working 24 * 7 to assist Umrah Pilgrims.
15. Pioneers in Accepting Online Payments in Hajj and Umrah Business.
16. Pioneers in providing an Online Tracking system for Passports like Courier Companies.
17. Online ERP Software for Agents and Travel Partners.
18. Pioneers in Automating the Complete Umrah Business.
19. Every Tour is Escorted with a Tourleader from Indian Airports.
20. Completely Guided tour from Airport To Airport Service.
21. Indain Cooks prepare delicious food for all tours.
22. Only Indian Company to Operate from 13 Cities of India.
23. Licensed Kitchen and Professional Staff and Cooks being used for Groups.
24. Very Friendly, Courteous and Professional Staff in Makkah and Madina.
25. Lectures & Bayaans in Makka & Madina.
26. Professional Guides on Ziarats in Makka & Madina.
27. Extended Ziyarats available on DEMAND.

28. Authorised Member of All India Hajj and Umrah Tours Pvt. Ltd.
29. Authorised Member Memon Chamber Of Commerce.

30. Active Member of All India Hajj Umrah Tour Operators Association Delhi.
31. Active Member of Federation of Hajj PTOs of India.
32. Participated in Indias First Hajj Umrah Expo. in Hyderabad and Got Felicitated by Mr. Umar Siraj
      Head of Mossasa (Ministry of South East Asia
33. First in India to Start a 24*7 Call Center (+91 9967786446) for Customer Support and After Sales Service
34. Daily Flights from Mumbai & Delhi for Umrah Departure.

and many many more...

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