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Rahat AGM
4th Annual General Meeting held in
New Delhi, Islamic Culture Center
on 30th Sept 2019.

Rahat AGM
3rd Annual General Meeting held in
The Lalit Delhi on 29th July 2017.

Rahat AGM

2nd Annual General Meeting held in
Jaipur on 22nd August 2015.

Rahat AGM
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Ramzan Sehar & Iftaar Menu

Rahat Travels of India provides a Eleven Course Meal in Iftaar & Nine Course Meal in Sehar. As we have Guests from all over India our Ramzan Menu has a wide variety of items to suite one and all.

IFTAAR & DINNER will be served together at Maghrib so that Hajis can have their Full and go for Namaaz and Taraaweeh and spend more and more time in Ibaadat.

Timings : Magrib till 2.00 Am in Night...
Items Number
Items Name  
Fruit Platter (Any 1) : Fruit Chaat, Fruit Custard, Fruit Cream, Kharbuze ka Sharbat.  
Fruits (Any 4) : Watermelon (Tarbooz), Banana, Apple, Orange, Grapes, Kharbuza, Pineapple, Black Cherry, Pomengranate, Peach (Aadu), Dates (Khajur).
Special Item (Any 1) : Spring Rolls, Hungaama Kabab, Butta Kabab, Chicken Fry, Fish Fry, Bater / Teetar Fry, Russian Kabab, Russian Cutless, Baida Roti, Aaaloo Ki Pattice, Bread Pakoda, Chicken Stick, Chicken Roll, Sprong Rolls, Keeme Ke Samosa, Cutless, Keeme Ke Kabab, Fish Fry, Shami Kabab, Aaalu Ka Wada...
Bhajiye (Any 1) : Aaloo ke Bhajiye, Pyaaz Ke Bhajiye, Palak ke Bhajiye, Mashakkal Sabzi Ke Bhajiye, Baigan ke Bhajiye, Karam Kalla ke Bhajiye, Ande Ke Bhajiye
Side Items (Any 1) : Chicken Noodles, Shezwaan Noodles, Vegetable Noodles, Italian Pasta, Black Chane, Ragda Chana, Chole, Chane Batate etc
Dahi Items (Any 1) : Dahi Wade with Sont ki Chatni (Sweet), Dahi Wade with Podine ki Chatni (Teekhe), Dahi Phulki, Dahi ka Raita, Dahi ka Kachumbar etc  
Rice Item (Any 1) : Chicken Fried Rice with Chicken Soup and Saizwaan Sauce, Chicken Biryaani with Tomato & Curd Salad, Mutton Pulaao with Bundi ka Raita, Veg Pulaao with Bundi ka Raita, Biryaani with Dahi ka Raita, Khichda, Masoor Pulaao with Pyaaz aur Tomatar ka Kachumbar, Khichdi Keema with Mirchi Ka Saalam, Dam Aaalo ki Pili Tehri with Dahi ka Raita.
Sabzi & Gravy (Any 1) : Ande Aaalo, Mashakkal Sabzi, Daal Fry, Aalu Paalak, Turaeein, Lauki Daal, Baigan Aalu, KaramKalle ki Sabzi, Lauki ki Sabzi..  
Rotis (Any 1) : Tandoori Roti or Rumaali Roti or Paraatha or Khuboos.  
Additional Items (Any 2) : Papad, Kachri, Popcorn, French Fries, Achaar, Chatni...
Drinks : Fruit Juice or Soft Drinks (Pepsi, Cola, 7 UP), Water, Tea, Coffee, Apple Raani, Orange Raani, Cocktail Raani.  


SEHAR & BREAKFAST is served together.

Timings : 2.00 am till Fajar.
Items Number
Items Name  
Main Course (Non Veg) - (Any 1) : Butter Chicken, Kaali Mirch Chicken, Mutton Angaara, White Chicken, Chicken Angaara, Green Chikcken, Angoori Chicken, Chicken Chilly & Manchurian, Daal Gosht, Chicken Korma, Mutton Korma, Mutton Do pyaaza, Chicken Aalu, Aaaloo Gosht, Saag Gosht, Fish Curry, Nehari, Gaajar Chicken, Chiken 65...
Main Course ( Veg) - (Any 1) : Aalo Baigan, Mashakkal Sabzi, Aalu Palak, Turayeen, Bhindi, Aalu Matar, Tamatar ki Sabzi, Mix Veg, Gobi Aalu Matar, Palak Paneer...
Cereals (Daal) - (Any 1) : Daal Makhni, Maash Ki Daal, Tadke waali Malka ki Daal, Masoor ki Daal, Arhar ki Daal, Masoor aur Arhar ki Daal...  
Sweet Dish - (Any 1) : Gulab Jamun, Caremal, Pineapple Halwa, Rave Halva (Sweet), Kheer, Paao Ka Halwa, Ghaans ka Halwa, Khimaar Ki Siwaayen, Gaajar ka Halwa, Dudi ka Halwa, Doodh ki Siwaayin, Fruit Salad, Sheerkorma, Chawal ka Zarda...
Roti Items (Any 1) : Paraatha, Tandoori Roti, Rumali Roti, Turkish Naan, Khuboos.
Rice Items (Any 1) : Zeera Rice, Boiled Plain Rice, Matar Rice, Khichdi, Tehri.  
Starters : Salad, Papad, Nalli, Kachri, Achaar, Chutnie...  
Breakfast : Bread, Butter, Jam, Honey, Cornflakes.  
Drinks : Milk, Tea, Coffee, Water.  


Eid Menu

Breakfast : 8.30 to 10.30
Lunch : 1.30 to 3.30
Dinner : 8.30 to 10.30

Siwayein, Chana Masala, Matar Keema, Ande Ki Bhurji, Bread, Butter, Jam, Honey, Cornflakes, Milk, Tea, Water...
Teetar / Bater Fry, Chicken Biryaani, Aaalu Matar Gobi ki Sabzi, Daal Makhni, Pineapple Halwa, Roti, Rice, Achaar, Papad, Dahi Ka Kachumbar, Pepsi, Water, Tea....
Chicken Muglai, Masoor ki Daal, Mix Veg, Roti, Rice, Achaar, Papad, Water.  


Our Buffet has following Machines always at the service for the Guests both in MAKKAH and MADINA:
1.  Pop Corn Machine.
2. Juice Dispensar.

3. Water Dispensar.
4. Electric Frying Pan.
5. Elctric Stove.
6. Electronic Toaster.
7. Electronic Buffet System.
8. Electronic Kettel for Hot Water.


  • Menu Items are tentative and not fixed and can be changed as per situation demands.
  • Food will be served on Fixed timings.
    Iftaar timings : Magreeb till Isha.
    Sehar: One Hour Before Fazar to Fazar.
  • Any person who is not fasting will have to arrange for his own food.
    In Ramzaan Food will be supplied only in Iftaar and Sehar.
  • Diabetic Patients, Infants, People with Special food needs to arrange for their own food.
  • Personal food demands will not be entertained under any circumstances.
  • Camel Meat and Camel Milk will not be provided anyday.
  • Guests staying in Economy hotel are Allowed to eat in Deluxe hotel.

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