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Ziarat Tours to Baghdad, Karbala, Kufa & Najaf...


Through the mists of legend surrounding the life of Shaikh 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, it is possible to discern the outlines of the following biographical sketch:

In A.H. 488, at the age of eighteen, he left his native province to become a student in the great capital city of Baghdaad, the hub of political, commercial and cultural activity, and the center of religious learning in the world of Islaam. After studying traditional sciences under such teachers as the prominent Hanbalii jurist [faqiih], Abuu Sa'd 'Alii al-Mukharrimii, he encountered a more spiritually oriented instructor in the saintly person of Abu'l-Khair Hammaad ad-Dabbaas....

Come to Baghdad to pay your respects
to the venerable Ghaus-e-Azam....

Simultaneously, have a look at the tomb of the Imams, and all the other Saints of Islam resting therein. Wander around one of the centers of Islamic Culture, a place replete with the legacy of Prophet Muhammad (Sallal la ho alayhe wasallam) and the heritage of the Golden Age.

It doesn’t matter where one is from, somehow or other, every one of us is connected to this beautiful place. From Karbala to Al Khadimain Shrine to the Museum, Baghdad has a lot to offer.


Baghdad Ziarat Package (Every Month)

  • STAY IN ASTAANA :: 60,786/-
  • STAY IN HOTELS :: 70,786/-

    Dates ::
    Oct 31, Jan 25, Feb 25, Mar 25, Jun 25, Aug 25

    Itenary ::
    05 Nites Baghdad.
    02 Nites Karbala.
    02 Nites Najaf.

    Includes ::
    Flight, Visa, Accomodation, Ziarats, Food, Transportation.

    Hotels ::
    Bagdad :: Nabee Al forat or Similar.
    Karabala :: Hotel Alaresh or Similar.
    Najaf :: Buruj Zulfikar or Similar.

    Rates valid for Mumbai and Delhi Departures Only.

Baghdad Ziarat Package (GYAARWEIN)

  • STAY IN ASTAANA :: 62,786/-
  • STAY IN HOTELS :: 72,786/-

    Dep.:: 29th NOV 2019
    Ret.:: 09th DEC 2019

    Rates Valid for Mumbai and Delhi Departures Only.


Baghdad + UMRAH

  • UMRAH + BAGHDAD (21 Days) :: 130,786/-
  • Rates valid for Mumbai and Delhi Departures Only.

Important Note : -

  • Passport & Payments to be submitted 45 Days prior to departure.
  • Tour is completely Non Refundable.
  • Tour Includes Air Ticket, Visa , Accommodation, Ziyarats, Meals, Transportation.
  • Ziarats and Complete Tour Itenary depends directly on the situation in Iraq.
  • Exact flight departure will be announced 15 days before departure.
  • All Ziarats and Tour Itenary are directly dependent on situation in Iraq.
  • Astana Package accommodation will be within Rooms and Halls of Dargah Shariff.
  • Common Accommodation 30-40 ppl sharing one room. Ladies and Gents Separate in Astaana.
  • Hotel package accommodation will be in Standard Hotels near Haram Rooms will be allotted as per family.
  • Completely Budget class tour. Please do not expect any luxury on the tour.
  • Currency used in Iraq is US Dollars so please carry US Dollars with you for petty expenditure.
  • Food will be Sofra Style in Astaana and Buffet in Hotels.

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Ziyarat In Baghdad Sharif
1. Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Gause Paak)
2. Langarkhana
3. Hazrat Salman Mohammadi Farsi (ra)
4. Hazrat Huzaif Al Yamani (ra)
5. Hazrat Imam Tahir (ra)
6. Hazrat Abdullah Bin Jabir Ansari (ra)
7. Kisra Ka MahelP
8. Darya e Dajla
9. Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi (ra)
10. Hazrat Yoosa Bin Noon (ra)
11. Hazrat Bailul Daana (ra)
12. Hazrat Maharoof kharki (ra)
13. Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa (ra)
14. Hazrat Shaikh Sahabuddin Umar Soharwardi (ra)
15. Hazrat Shaikh Hasan Noori (ra)
16. Hazrat Moosa Kaazim (Kazmain Shariff)
17. Hazrat Khawaja Sirri Suqti (ra)
18. Shifa ka Kuwa
19. Hazrat Mohammed Imam Mahmood Gazali (ra)
20. Bihishar al haafi (ra)
21. Hazrat Syed Abdullah Abid Ibne Zainab (ra)
22. Hazrat Syed Abi Ahmed (ra)
23. Hazrat Abu Khumrah (pani wali durgah)

Ziyarat In Hila Sharif

1.Hazrat Aiyub Alaisalam
2.Hazrat Rahima Bibi (wife of hazrat aiyub a.s)
3.Shifa ka kuwa

Ziyarat In Kufa Sharif
1. Masjid e Kufa
2. Hazrat Imam Muslim Bin Akil
3. Hazrat Sayyedna Haani (ra)
4. Wo Mimber Jahan Hazrat Ali ko Zakhmi kiya gaya tha
5. Hazrat Ali ka ghar
6. Hazrat Ali ki Beti ka mazar

Ziyarat In Najaf Sharif
1. Hazrat Ali ka Mazar

Ziyarat In Karbala Sharif
1. Hazrat Imam Hussain ka mazar
2. Hazrat Imam Hussain ki Sahedi ka makam
3. Hazrat Abbas Alamdar
4. Hazrat Imam Ali Akber ki mazar
5. 72 Shohada ki mazar Ek saath
6. Hazrat Imam Ali Asgar ki mazar
7. Naher e Furakh
8. Aulad e Muslim (ra) Hazrat Mohammed & Hazrat Ibrahim (ra)




































































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