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Free Umrah for a Selected Few

Rahat Group Of Companies is pleased to announce Free UMRAH packages for a few selected people who have dedicated their lives to the cause of ALLAH (s.w.t.) and those people who do not have any means to visit the House of ALLAH (s.w.t.)

We will help them fulfill their Dreams by organizing Completely Free Umrah Trips for them. These selected people are Imams, Mouazzins, Khadims of Masjids and also people who have spent years memorizing Quraan, Hafizul Quraan. These people can be followers of Any Maslak whether Bareilvy, Deobandi, Wahabi. They can be follower of any one of the Four Prominent Imams. Only One Conditions is that they should have immense Love & Respect for our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) and all Sahabas especially Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (r.d.a.), Hazrat Umar Farooque (r.d.a.), Hazrat Usmaan Gani (r.d.a.) and Hazrat Ali (r.d.a.).

These Free Umrah is Literally Totally Free NO HIDDEN COSTS at all, Not a single penny to be paid, Even Your Ehram and Slippers will be provided by Rahat Group Of Companies. But a few formalities need to be fulfilled.

Few Questions Answered

Question 1. Who will get this Free Umrah Packages ?
Ans. Free Umrah Packages are for those weaker section of Muslim society who have spent their lives serving our Muslim Society in Masjids and Madarassas and have dedicated their lives in Memorising the QURAAN shariff. To be precise its for Haafizul Quraan, Imams, Mouazzins & Khadims and all those people who are working in Masjid and belong to lower middle class group and do not have means to visit the House of Allah.

Question 2. Which Maslak or Segments will get these Free service ?
Ans. Home of Allah is for all Muslims and our offer is also open for All Muslims whether Sunni, Wahabi, Deobandi, Bareillvi or any other. Only One Conditions is that they should have immense Love & Respect for our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) and all Sahabas especially Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (r.d.a.), Hazrat Umar Farooque (r.d.a.), Hazrat Usmaan Gani (r.d.a.) and Hazrat Ali (r.d.a.).

Question 3. What are the conditions to apply, Please let me know all conditions?
Ans. Yes there are a few formalities to be followed and conditions to be fulfilled.
1. You Should have an International Passport having minimum 6 months validity with atleast 4 blank pages.
2. Scheme is valid only for Gents between the age of 40 to 65 yrs.
3. If you are related to a Masjid you should have a letter from the Masjid Trust proving your position
    and your years of duty.
4. You should have completed atleast 5 years with the Masjid whose letter you are giving.
5. If you are a Quraan Haafiz we need a letter from your Madarassa and your Certificate.
6. You should be of Sound Mind and Body without any permanent disabilities.

Question 4. How many people will be able to enjoy these free services ?
Ans. We plan to start by sending atleast Four people every month for Free Umrah and their selection will depend on
Qura (Lottery System) and then an Interview with the Managing Committe of All India Hajj and Umrah Tours Pvt. Ltd. Final Decision rests with the Managing Committee of AIHUT.

Question 5. Who all are their in Managing Committee ?
Ans. Their are Eleven people in Managing Committee of All India Hajj And Umrah Tours Pvt. Ltd. A Few of them are Mr. Sayed Aarif Sahab, Mr. Rashid Rizvi, Mr. Yasin Qureshi, Mr. Rahatullah Habibuallah Shaikh, Mr. Amaan Sayed, Mr. Sarwatullah Habibuallah Shaikh, Mr. Imran Rahat Shaikh, Mr. Fahad Aman Sayed and a few others.

Question 6. What is the procedure to apply..?
Ans. Please submit XEROX copies of your passport with 4 photos and a letter from Masjid Trust or your Madarasa at Rahat Travels of India's Head Office, Dongri Mumbai and collect your Token Number. If your name appears in Lucky Draw you will be contacted by our staff.

Question 7. When will the Free Umrah Tours Start ?
Ans. In Sha Allah Free Umrah Tours will be conducted Every Month between Rabiul Awwal and Shabaan Starting from year 2014.

Question 8. This Free Offer is valid for which state ?
Ans. This free offer is valid for all States within Indian Jurisdiction but flight departures will only be from Mumbai, Delhi or Lucknow. Muslims from all over India can apply if you are outside Mumbai please Scan your passport copies & Documents and Email us on and inform Mr. Mudassir about your emails.

Question 9. I want to sponsor a few Deserving Muslims for Umrah & Hajj can i do so ?
Ans. Yes there are a lot of people who wanna sponsor deserving Muslims for Hajj and Umrah and if you have such Noble intentions please contact Mr. Imran Rahat Shaikh via phone or email him on

Question 10. Please give your Contact Person, Full Address with Contact details..?
Ans. Contact Person is : Ms. Hajira / Lubna
Address :: Rahat Travels Of India
305, S. V. P. Road, Issak Manzil, Shop No 10,
Dongri, Mumbai - 400003.

Landmark : Opp Diamond Jubliee Girls high School.
Landmark : Near Shalimar Hotel, Fire Brigade.
Nearest Railway Station : Sandhurst Road.

Telephone :


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