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CityCode City Name District State
143 Orissa Orissa Orissa
144 Palghar Palghar Maharashtra
145 Pandua Malda WestBengal
146 Panipat Panipat Haryana
147 Panvel Panvel Maharashtra
148 Parangipettai Cuddalore Tamilnadu
149 Parbhani Parbhani Maharashtra
254 Patiala Patiala Punjab
150 Pen Raigad Maharashtra
151 Penukonda Anantapur AndhraPradesh
152 Peracharla Guntur AndhraPradesh
222 Petdal Petdal Gujarat
247 Petlad Anand Gujarat
153 Pilbit Pilbit UttarPradesh
154 Pondicherry Pondicherry Pondicherry
155 Porbandar Porbandar Gujarat
156 Pratapgarh Manikpur UttarPradesh
157 Pune Shivpur Maharashtra
158 Punjab Punjab Punjab
159 Rahmatabad NELLORE AndhraPradesh
160 Rai bareily Rai bareily UttarPradesh
161 Raichur Karnataka Karnataka
239 Raipur Raipur Chattisgad
162 Rajgarh Madhya Pradesh MadhyaPradesh
163 Rajgunj West Bengal WestBengal
164 Rajkot Rajkot Gujarat
165 Ramnagar Mandya District Karnataka
166 Rampur Rampur UttarPradesh
167 Raniganj Asansol WestBengal
224 Ranikhet Nainitaal Uttaranchal

Total Cities : 257.

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